I smiled to myself, whoever that 'idiot' was, I'm gladI wasn't he. I'd just had the best lay of my life and I had never feltmore alive.----I hurried u... the grassy path to the River Chapel, not pausing as Iusually would to admire the light and shadows cast by the ever-autumnsun over the lush golden valley. There was no time to delay, my urgentmessage couldn't wait for a never-changing view. I pushed open the tallwooden door with no locks and strode softly but purposefully down theloggia towards. Peabody said "Okay Dave!" and he said that's better then he asked me if I wanted to look at a movie I said sure okay so he took me down the basement it was finished with a huge TV and stereo video games you name it I was impressed we stood behind the huge sofa and I wondered why we didn't sit down but heck I didn't care I was having fun! He started the movie and right away I knew it was a porno flick then there was beautiful girls and muscular guys doing it all over the place I began to get. " Gina, you are a grown woman. It isn't incest if you agree to it. I would love to make my girl pregnant. You have made me crazy with lust for you since you turned eighteen. You are so fucking sexy."Daddy. Our conversation is inappropriate. I can't have sex with my daddy." Why not? I have baby-making cum, and if you and I get pregnant, the baby will look like you. Come home! Daddy will make his girl pregnant."I don't know. What would mom think? She would let you fuck me?" She is away. .“ höre ich Marion sagen. Sie ist also noch nie gepeitscht worden? „Du wirst es lieben, Marion… das weiß ich genau! Lass es einfach geschehen, schließe die Augen… empfange die Peitsche mit großer Demut! Ich weiß, wovon ich rede...“ „Du bist schon öfter gepeitscht worden?“ fragt Marion mich überrascht. „Oh ja, meine Liebe… und ich genieße es jedes Mal!! Und nun meine Herren…. will ich Paddel, Peitsche, Gerte und Rohrstock auf meinem Arsch spüren! Langsam beginnen, aber dann gebt ruhig ordentlich.

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