She passed him the sack to examine while she finished breaking up the hydro and loading her favorite piece, a six-inch glass pipe, with a ribbon of 24...carat gold winding inside the glass. It changed colors when you smoked it, and hit like a dream. “Who’d you get this from?” he asked, as he passed back the sack. She handed him the bowl, giving him the green hit as she answered. “JD gave it to me. Said it was called Shoreline. Just came in from Austin.” She studied him, as he snatched the lighter. " "Just hold it deep, let me do it some more," I suggested as I flexed and relaxed over and over. "Mmm, oh, yeah, you are so good. What a pussy, you've got," then he started stroking in and out again. I was rubbing my thumbs in the precum oozing out of my other two lover's cocks as Paul fucked me so wonderfully. Oh, this was everything I'd hoped. I was totally attended to by my three lovers and it didn't take me long to erupt in a spectacular orgasm, one that just circled around in my body for. ” The room is heavy with silence. Doc. and Benny stand motionless staring at Mike. Mike head down, wonders how did he get into this situation and what should he do? After what seems like a long time, Mike surrenders and slumps to his knees knowing Doc. has won again. Doc. opens his trousers and lets them fall to the floor and then slides his shorts down into the pile of fabric pooled at his hairy ankles. ”Just start off by kissing it.” Doc. instructs with a smirk on his face. As Mike pressed. I knewhe was going to get it, she wouldn't accept any back talk. He'dprobably spend a week on the couch.When I got to her room, I saw that it was back in order. Herdrawer was closed, and the offending garments were no longer onthe floor. I sat in the bed, wondering what was happeningdownstairs, but I couldn't hear them. The silence fromdownstairs was ominous, I knew how cruel, how vicious her silentanger could be. Soon thoughts of them receded into thebackground. There were far more,.

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