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Then I finally entered a third, slightly curved my fingers upward as I tried to rub her upper inner wall. My lips wrapped tightly around her clit and ...egan to suck on it. My fingers began to quicken their rhythm in and out of her as she bucked on my pounding fingers.I sucked harder on her clit as she began to shake vigorously on the bed. She wailed her pleasure in one final, orgasmic scream as she drenched my lips and waiting tongue with her pussy juice. She shook as I continued to slowly lick. Gowan played Desmond Fulmont, nature druid and brother of Erik. Jon played as Arrod Montajay, wandering bard. The party was currently level six and residing in the small town of Haven, recently saved by our adventuring heroes after they fought of an orc attack. I wonder how I'm going to introduce Amy's character to the party.I haven't seen her in person, and I'm kinda curious to meet her. See, Gowan was in Vegas for a business trip, got drunk, and married this girl Amy. That was a week ago, and. "You're right, this is cute!" Tamaya says.Tamaya does a little twirl in it. Showing off some black panties as she does."Glad you like it." Amy says.Amy's clothing vanishes and is replaced by a similar dress, though it's yellow in color."Can we change the colors on these?" Tamaya asks."Yeah, you can choose out your favorite color." Amy says.Amy's dress and shoes change to a dark blue color."Neat! Tonight's going to be fun." Tamaya says.Joshua and Phil stand outside the main entrance waiting for. Alexx pushed down on my head and made me gag a couple of times. But overall I would have to say I enjoyed sucking his cock that night like I hadnt enjoyed sucking cock before. The sound of his moaning and the name calling made me hotter than I could have imagined. Alexx pulled onto a dirt embankment on the side of a road not far from my house. I want in you, he said and started undoing my jeans. I helped him pull them off and he stripped naked as well. Alexx started to get into the back of the.

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