" I did. "Spread them further and bend over."Hands planted firmly on the ground, my ass high in the air, and legs spread allowing master to have a ful... view of his wet pussy. I heard his pants unzip, and his cock, rock hard sllid in just to the head. On either side of my body i felt his left hand grab my shoulder and his right hand on my hip. With one hard thrust he entered me fully as i took all of his 10 inch cock i gasped.Harder and deeper he fucked me, wild with heat i begged to cum, but. Monica sat sullenly as he spoke but they both knew the day was over for her. She was deep in thought and would be until she could figure this out."Well mom," he said finally, "I hope you feel better. See ya tonight." Then he left."What am I going to do?" Monica was talking out loud to herself as her driver sped down the freeway toward home. She wished she could just fill the role herself, but quickly put that out of her mind. She could never do that and even if she could David would never want. I was told to wear a short dress, panties and heels only and so when the day arrived I got ready and Carole drove me over to the mans house. I went up to the door and before I could knock or ring the bell, the man opened up and taking hold of my hand led me into his living room. He was an older man with a slight belly and so so looks, but Carole said he paid a good price as long as I did whatever he wanted. When we stopped he immediately pulled me up to him and began to kiss me wildly. As he. "Oooooh, look at this," said Allen, holding a pink pastel dress against his massive chest."Looks like it'd be a tight squeeze," I said. "But you know I love you in pink."A middle-aged woman shopping nearby overheard my comment to Allen and flashed us a disapproving scowl. Allen and I just giggled. We're used to the stares by now and we can certainly understand them. Allen was once ultra-conservative, until that fateful day I begged him to parade around in a pair of my panties. Now he's very.

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