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The rocking of her hips got more and more pronounced, and then, suddenly, with a loud groan, she started cumming. I kept muffing her through her orgas..., only stopping once she collapsed back onto the sofa in a post-orgasmic haze. Wasting no time, I stripped off my jeans and boxers and sat down next to her on the sofa. Then pulled her over me, positioned my cock at her entrance and pulled her onto me so that I slid into her. She shuddered and moaned and began riding my cock until we ended up. I was in the bar of a chic Japanese hotel near the beach, all white linens and natural woods, geometrically precise. People attending small business conferences often stayed here, which meant women with friends or coworkers rather than husbands and boyfriends. I knew the story the moment I saw the two of them-- a slender, athletic blonde in her early 30s, fresh from her workout no doubt, striding into the bar with the confidence of a long time veteran of the singles scene, and behind her a. Seems like every time I looked around, Caroline was there.I had a tough time dating anyone in town as they were all Caroline’s ‘friends’. Mary invited me over for a few laughs from time to time. I think if I’d asked HER to marry me, She might have jumped at the chance. Mary could never understand WHY Caroline drove me away, she knew HOW. Mary and I actually got along famously, going out to diner, going to the lake camping or just staying at home fucking each other’s brains out. Caroline was. God... In each hand you had a large erect penis. You couldn't mistake that feeling. You immideately let go and started to feel around...nothing but walls...and a hole? There work cocks sticking out of holes in the wall? "What do you think?" Emmas voice was close to your ear. "Isn't it cool?"You started to jerk the cocks off. The entire situation was insane, but you trusted Emma, and you were horny as hell...and those cocks were really big. You pumped them with your hands, hesitantly at first,.

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