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I would often think of another really handsome guy I’d met or a previous lover. Brad Pitt and I got together quite often in my mind while the Rabbit...was doing its thing.’ ‘You’re a drop-dead gorgeous woman and any guy’s heart and body are going to start throbbing when they see you. I know when I saw your bare breasts that first time, I could have shot my load with just that visual stimulus. Have you fantasized about someone else when we’re having sex?’ ‘Of course not. You totally occupy my mind. Yes, we had sex, but it was nothing like what I’d done with my ex-husband or the men he brought in to use me as their fuck toy.“I’d had sex with women before, too. My ex-husband liked to get a room full of men and have me and some other bimbo put on a show for all of them before they fucked us. It was very degrading. When Julie and Cricket approached me, the situation seemed so different. They were compassionate, caring, and loving with me. I liked what we did and hope to do it all again. He moved his face towards hers and began kissing her, meanwhile sharing his mouthful of the delicious liquid. He then put what was left of the ice cube in his mouth and shared that with her too.Rob moved down, repositioned himself and started to work on her lovely looking slit. It had opened up up by itself and was very wet and slippery and not only from the piss she had squirted before. He slipped in his tongue and really tried to push it in as deep as possible, trying to find her special spot. "My wife would like for you to sit down in that chair and watch us."I can see that the maid is blushing heavily. After a few moments of awkward silence, she finally agrees with a simple "Ok."Just like that, before I even realized it had happened, Eric has taken my in person voyeur fantasy and made it a reality. I am not fearful of it at all, in fact, I am excited and sexually aroused at the prospect. I am going to be taken by my husband and fucked right in front of her. I'm all in. Our suite.

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