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But sexual intimacy? That I have to think about. And you should, too. Bethany was right - it’s enough. It really is.”“What about Bethany?” I a...ked.“That’s a conundrum. She’s made some tremendous compromises to try to be with you, including accepting your relationship with Stephanie, and accepting that you will likely never be monogamous. But I don’t know that she can accept those things forever. Maybe she can. But I don’t know. You could be walking down a path that leads to complete disaster. I. I still wanted to possess her, to show her how much of a man I was, buttold myself I wasn't ready yet. I needed time. She had made meuncertain about my authority. That was how we fell into a pattern ofdating, with every trip to the bedroom ending with me licking her pussywhile I wore panties. Me, a wealthy man who was accustomed to usingwomen and then discarding them. Still, I kept telling myself that Ijust needed a while longer.******Three months later she was still denying me sex, even. She was reaching across Jim's body and between Priscilla's legs with her left hand while her right hand had a firm grip on her husband's straining member. Her own sex was plastered against Jim's hips and she rubbed against him unashamedly. Then her copper-red head moved downward and Jim gasped at the exquisite feeling of his wife's lips on his manhood.Priscilla was torn from her rapture and looked aghast at her friend's bobbing head. Then she scooted down herself, her face inches away from. My first blow job viewing and it’s live. I wanted so badly to be the one getting the blow job, and giving it too. I couldn’t take it much longer. Jeff started to moan uncontrollably and buck his cock all the way into Bob’s mouth. He shot a load into Bob’s mouth and Bob pulled away and the rest shot all over Jeff’s chest. Watching my friend cum like that made me cum so hard that I couldn’t breathe. The first shot hit me in the face; it felt so hot on my cheek, then about four more thick ropes.

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