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. and it might just turn out to be fun... at the least, educational. She went to her suitcase, opened it and brought out a long shift, similar to the Virgin had been wearing.Earl watched her move across the room, the sight of her provocative, alluring body causing his drained, flaccid rod to stir feebly. Christ, she was something else, all right! The dancing little sway to her almost pendulous, upthrusted tits and the jiggling roll of her hips and bottom, then the way her rounded full. Then he grabbed Carol's ass cheeks in both hands and spread them wide apart. Lavar climbed up on the seat on his knees. He rubbed his cock head around the opening of her anus. Looking at Ed and grinning, he leaned forward pushing his cock head into her ass hole. Carol's ass jerked and she moaned as his cock entered her ass. Ed rubbed and stroked his tiny cock. He watched Lavar's giant black meat slide into his wife's white ass hole, spreading it wide open."Oh god, your tearing me apart," Carol. I ate her softly and slowly, 45 minutes passed like nothing as I let her rise and fall through smaller orgasms. As she got to the point where she was to sensitive I stopped and brought my thighs to either side of her breasts and my legs under her arms. I sat there, my ass inches from her face as I rubbed her belly. In a smart ass tone (some girls don't learn easily) she asks 'what the fuck do you want now', 'you will figure it out, but lets call it an apology for your mouth'. 'If you think. Eventually, her ass meets the edge of a dining table and he pulls away from the kiss to press her down. She scoots back bringing her legs up to rest her bare feet on the surface, knees bent. She angles her head in a sidelong gaze down toward him.In an instant, the whole experience becomes surreal, as if the scene is playing out by two people she knows very little about. Strangers to one another. Perhaps, strangers to themselves. She begins to question it, but why now? Is it because she is lying.

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