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12:00pm - Lunch. Served in a dog food bowl on the floor. Usually a fewleaves of lettuce doused in urine or cum. Must smack our lips and thankour Maste...s for this feast or else we will be punished.1:00pm - Punishment. Discipline administered for any infractions duringthe day so far. I have never seen a sissy not receive discipline, nomatter how obedient.2:00pm - Individual training sessions. Each sissy is assigned a specialcourse of study. I was assigned Pornography Actress, but other. Blaine, what the fuck was that for?"I continued the grin and said, "Sorry Lieutenant, but with the Captain indisposed I wasn't sure of our relationship."He laughed and said, "Sgt. Blaine, you really do have a knack for annoying officers..."To prove the point I interrupted, " ... Yes Sir! Thank you Sir for the compliment."George ordered, "Sgt. Blaine, please provide over watch for the incoming medivac chopper."I suggested, "George, perhaps we should station a Marine on each side of the. Angane njan mamiyude koode poyi kidannu .Urakkathil moothramoshickan vendi njan enittu light ittu appol njan mamiye nokki.Mami kidatha kandu njan antham vittupoyi mamiyude maxi mukalilottu pokki vechekkunnu ennittu mami jattickakathu mamiyude kai vechirickunnu .Mamiyude oru mula maxiude sib thurannu veliyil kidakkunnu .Njan athu nokki ninnu poyi appol mami thirinju kidannu appol njan avide nickathe bathroomil payi moothramoshichittu vannu.Appolum mami charinju kidannukondu nalla. Licking him up and down, I coated his shaft in my saliva. Once I was happy that he was adequately lubricated I climbed over him and lowered myself down on to his shaft. I felt his cock head press between my hairy ass cheeks, forcing them apart. Then I felt it press at my shithole. I knew this was gonna hurt, my wife has used a large dildo on my before but she has always fingered me for a while first. This time my asshole was tight. I just went for it and felt a mix of pleasure and pain. It was.

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