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It turned out that Angie loved sex as much as he did and seemed to like it as much as I thought of it. Out of the blue I received a call from Angie te...ling me that she and Pat had broken up and would I stop by her house. Now I was a virgin and couldn’t count the number of times I had masturbated to vision of her bikini image. A little about us, Angie was about 5’6” and a size one. She had perfect D sized breasts. She was blond and as I found out this day had closely cropped strawberry blond. Reiser? Or has he had the pleasure of your ... how shall I say it? Your undivided attention?" Heh!" My Master snorted with some surprise, stroking my hair while I worked my mouth slowly up and down his penis. The man's precum flowed freely from the tip and I nursed gently, swallowing and using my tongue to wash the bulbous glans. My right hand cupped Mr. Reiser's balls as I'd worked them free of his trousers, and I turned my head to drag my lips and tongue along the underside of his shaft until. Today the square was only visible through the gaps in the letters of the neon signs that covered the front of the building. If you stood in just the right spot you could see the illuminated ball that would drop at midnight through the middle of an O. "I have champagne if you promise not to spill it." My quip was rewarded with the hint of a smile so I poured her a glass. "Dom Perignon," I continued showing her the bottle, "wasting any would be a shame." This brought a smile and after the. But then I looked at the clock"Oh shit, I'm late." I phoned my work at the store, and waited for some to answer."Hello, June's Produce. This is June." Hi June it's me, Shawn." Shawn? We've been open for hours." Yeah I know. Last night I fell and hit my head. I just woke up, like fifteen minutes ago." Oh dear lord, are you okay?" Sortta. I just wanted to phone-in to let ya know I'd be late. And please don't tell Heidi I hadn't shown up." I wouldn't toss that rotten-bitch a life jacket to save.

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