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Why did John want that to happen anyway? I dont think I want to&hellip,but its like I feel bad for doing it too. But you know what? asked William. Wha...? I feel loads better now. I guess I just needed someone to know&hellip,someone to&hellip, Someone to tell you youre not a bad person? John supplied again. Am I? asked William with utmost sincerity. Will, of course youre not. You may be a big idiot, but youre still a great guy, and also, my bestest friend ever. John said with a wide smile.. Well, after the third glass, I could only think about his hands on my body. He noticed something, because he asked me if I was alright. My pussy was boiling hot under my kinckers, and I thought that he must have been feeling the heat from where he was sitting. My face turned bright red. I don't know exactly how or why, but the next thing I remember was taking off my shirt and bra and sitting on his lap, as I had done a few hours before with my boyfriend. However, his reaction was the opposite.. ..”“But you don't like Reg or me?”“Don't put words in my mouth. What I know of you and Reg, I like very much. I just don't think that I know you well enough yet. I guess that I just need to spend more time with all of you.”“Like now?”“Like now, again tomorrow night, and then this weekend with my mother here too. After that I'll probably be ready to move in, at least on a trial basis, judging by the way that I feel now.”Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday. Sandra fucked me again in my office,. She returned to John’s cock and sucked on it some more.Melissa was in heaven, it tasted fantastic, she thought. The clear liquid emanating from Jenny’s pussy was absolutely gorgeous and she tasted so sweet. Melissa prised her legs further apart and knelt between them. She flicked her lips across Jenny’s pussy and then she dipped her tongue into her wet slit. It was heaven, she thought. Absolutely heaven.Jenny could not fathom out what happening to her. She was cock sucking this gorgeous hunk.

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