Ur startin to be a good little dick suck" he moaned over the sound of me slopping on his dick. it wasn't enough, i wanted more. i wanted him to spank ...e harder, to cum in my mouth, i wanted him inside of me. his cock in my ass was all i could think about now. i was so horny that i decided now was my chance. i came up from his lap and gave him a soft kiss on the neck then lips. "you feel good baby" i said in his ear, "i feel alright, but a few more minutes might change that". i spit one last. Then Claire heard an alarm go off in the preparation room. What could possibly be going on there? She wondered. Walking slowly over to the lab door, Claire nervously pushed it open and looked in.She could see a body lying on one of the prep-tables and beside it was a timer. Apparently someone had set the timer and forgotten about it. Claire strode over to the table and punched the off button on the alarm mechanism.Then she glanced down at the body on the table. "Jeeze!" It was a middle-aged man. That was it for me too as my body trembled uncontrollably and the most intense orgasm I'd experienced for months coursed through me, shaking me to the core."That was amazing," my unknown voyeur said. "Did you come?" "Yes," I whispered, "I did." "Did you like watching me come?" he asked and again I replied that I did. "Take your panties off then, let me see your cunt. Let me see how wet you got." Without any hesitation, I raised my hips up off the chair and did as he asked, pushing my panties. Melissa was in the prep room with Mika, and I was able to talk to them for a few minutes. Mika was excited, she had missed her own grandchildren being born and was looking forward to Melissa's child as much as anyone was. Melissa reassured me that she was okay and that I should just go on back to work and relax. There was no chance that I was going to do that, but of course, I told her that I would.When Jennifer showed up a little later, I excused myself and went out to the waiting room. I was.

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