..I look at the clock, my eyes half shut. 4 am exactly, and I realize my hand is in between your legs and your hips are slightly gyrating. I wake up a...little more and push my palm against your flesh a little harder, moving my hand down and back up. You let out a quiet moan and I know it feels good. Kissing your neck, I move down and back up a few more times...and as I move down again I push my middle finger slightly inside you, just feeling your warm wetness makes me hard and happy. I pull your. The slaves helped me down from the table and put the robe around my shoulders, the front gaping open framing my cunt and tits. The cocks of the massage slaves were somewhat wilted by their recent ejaculation, but the stud was still rampant and from the look in his eyes he clearly wanted me to allow him relief. My first reaction was to exercise my power by denying him, but then I had a better idea."Slave," I commanded my gymnast, "get over here on your hands and knees." Clearly terrorized he. Only one non-pre-approved micro-bikini was to be packed, (i had ordered three sets, a black one, a white one, and a red one made of fine fishnet). and 3.Including shoes, no more than three (3) articles of clothing at any given time. She protested and I reminded her of our agreement, she reluctantly packed and got ready to shower. I told her to hold on, she asked why, and i let her know she needed to wax her pussy. She laughed but stopped as soon as she noticed that i wasn't joking. I handed her. ”“What’s the catch?”“I’m going with you. I want to see your set-up, meet Ginger and Stacy, and see what else you have going on with your neighbors. We’ll take my plane.”“You have a plane?” I said with awe in my voice.“It’s a Gulfstream 650LR. The ‘LR’ means Long Range. It can fly from here to London nonstop. Can I stay with you?”“Of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I paused and added, “Mindy, I didn’t know who you were until yesterday around midday when Todd told me.”“I know. You.

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