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I’ll tell you while we dry off and get dressed.”Rockie stepped out onto the bathmat outside the shower and handed JR a towel before taking one for...herself. They stood staring in each other’s eyes as they quickly dried off. When he had finished, JR stepped out of the shower, wrapped his towel around Rockie and pulled her back against his body.“Well?” he said.Rockie squeezed out of his embrace by sliding under the towel across her back and stepped back. Giggling playfully at him, she said, “Limit. Before I left, however, we needed to establish some basic rules to keep our love under wraps, so to speak. It sounds rather cold and clinical to have to do this, but I had a lot to lose and I didn't want to expose Cheryl to any risk or embarrassment if we were found out. I was worried about how to approach Cheryl about this. I loved this woman and I didn't want to come off as some cold-hearted philanderer. As I got dressed I mentioned the need for discretion to her. My fears about bringing this. Now that she was relatively rich Susie had bought herself a house, in fact, it was a cottage in the country. She had taken a lot of care in the purchase. She wanted somewhere she could retreat to where no one would know where she had gone. This meant two things, firstly keeping it a secret from all her business contacts in London and elsewhere and secondly trying to keep a very low profile in the country area. Susie had been born in Warwickshire so she knew the problems of local gossip. The. Not knowing how to reply to that question. He lowered his eyes and was trying looking downwards at the floor.But her naked body just inches from his own body wouldn’t let his gaze to drop that far down. Her pointed nipples, her shapely breasts, her slender waist, her sensual belly button, her parted legs with the hint of her swollen pussy lips and her shapely legs were inviting and worth beholding.As she got no answer from him, Angela had another question to ask, ‘Did you like what you.

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