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"Holy Shit!"There she was. She was wearing exactly what she was wearing in the pictures. And she was with him. Leroy. She did it. The two of them were...dancing on the dance floor in the back of the bar. They could not see him. Tony moved to a position where he could better observe.Debbie was all over this man. She had her body pressed up against him and was nibbling on his ear and neck. Tony felt a twinge of jealousy but that was nothing compared to the arousal of seeing his wife in an intimate. Her youthful face almost innocent looking, actually obviously naturally beautiful without the cheapening makeup, her slim buttocks seem almost boyish. But, gripping and manipulating her substantial breasts, the firm melons are actually natural. ?If you’re ready? Just you and me? The contents of this pocket are all yours? Okay?? Nodding, almost a silly grin on her face she glances again toward his pocket as she raises her hips, lets the engorged damp head of his shaft slip out. ?Yea?. And they turn a blind eye if you bring someone of the female persuasion along with you to your room," he winked."I'm looking forward to spending some time there, sir," Frank smiled.Back in the United States Gwen worked very hard on keeping Frank's businesses going. Rumors of America getting into the war were flying all across the country. As the election neared, Woodrow Wilson promised to keep the nation our of the war in Europe.Gwen, being British, couldn't vote. News of atrocities that the. Rebecca smiled back and sighed in concession. ‘Yeah, I guess I heard that part, too. It’s a good thing I’m friends with such big whores.’ She flashed her eyes at Rachel and laughed loudly. ‘But you are right. That boy was fine! I think I might’ve fucked him if I hadn’t-. Mmmmm.’ She shivered with pleasure. ‘Good thing my slutty teammate is only easy on her knees.’ Rachel smiled back but gulped away a wave of guilt as she remembered that afternoon at the beach. She had been talked into giving.

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