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.eh mum...and you wonder where I got my slutiness from.”I was licking and sucking Pip’s nipples and grabbing and spreading and pushing and feeling...the generous weight of her breasts. Then my head was buried between her tits. Warm and soft.I heard Kate retort half drunk: “At least I don’t plead for it up the arse like I hear skank tart...but you’ll make good money spreading your arse high on, Macca’s pole”The thought of seeing my niece pole dancing at the local strip joint had me. It looked like the game was in full play.We sat down with our coffee at the kitchen table. Her chair was directly across the table from me, so her breasts were exposed through the sheer nightbown and its deep cleavage, but everything below that was hidden by the table. Smiling, I moved my chair around to the side of the table so I could get a full view of her entire body sitting there. I was pretty sure she would accept that as being within the rules. Anna blushed but made no protest, no. “Don’t move,” I told him.I jumped off the bed and raced into the bathroom to grab the lube out of the shower. I was back in a flash. I generously lubed his hole, prodding him with one, then two and after a final squirt onto my third finger, I poked it into him. Eric squealed with delight as his ass tightened around my fingers. I had placed my middle finger over the top of the other two as opposed to inserting my hand into him with the fingers side by side. I hoped to simulate the thickness of. .you can win by being defensive'She waited until I had retrieved my sword and took a few steps back, and then with little warning she came at me her sword, to her right and about to rain down on me. Instinctively, I moved back and then stepped in with a blocking strike to prevent her from hitting me, but she spun her arm round and I had to jump out of the way of her slashing weapon. She looked serious and competitive and lashed towards me with her backhand which I also had to dodge.This.

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