”Margaret and Candy walked back to the shipping office where David had gotten Margaret’s collar earlier today. Picking up one marked “16”, she...placed it around Candy’s neck. They had just gotten it locked when there was a loud commotion was at the back door. People were banging and yelling for someone to open up, A loud voice said “Open up, this is a USDA surprise inspection.”Grabbing the box of collars and putting it into Candy’s hands, Margaret ordered “Quickly now, Candy, take these and run. Trust me, by the time that you and I do it in the pussy, I’ll be more than eager, but for now, let’s wait until you can’t be punished for knocking me up. Same deal as with Jose. He gets the pussy as well when I come of age, though I promise that you’ll get my cherry twat, just as he got my virgin ass.”“Sounds great, in fact. One forgets that you’re only 16, given that you’re a bit mature for your age. Glad that you’re open to anal, and yes, I don’t want to ruin our lives by going to prison. No. My lower hand brushed over her bush, on the outside, a narrow strip of hair. I let my hand follow it downward to the Y of her legs, I could feel the fatness of outer lips, and insinuated my finger between them, “No noooooo, don’t”, she moaned. The towel dropped. I lowered my head to her mouth and kissed her, not hard or forcing, just kissing, she kept her mouth shut, but I continued. My left hand played with her nipples, her ass, her hair. I whispered into her ear “ I feel your wetness, your. Surprise! She squealed as I opened the door. I poked my head outside looking to see if she had Luka with her again. No Luka, it was just as well I wasn't totally ready for that. Sally's big surprise was a dog dick shaped dildo. More like a double ender with a tennis ball in the middle. I was more leery about continuing a sexual relationship with Sally than the dog. There was something about the dog not being able to talk back or to others. She is very nice and absolutely gorgeous. I wondered.

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