Kavita rejected it at first. But it took me another 2 months to finally convince her. So after 2 years and 9 months of our marriage and almost 1 and h...lf years of convincing Kavita, she hesitantly agreed to fulfill my fantasy. But even now, she was unsure. I assured her that I would not force her.Kavita was very reluctant about this idea. I assured her that there was nothing wrong with this. She was doing this only because she loved me, and no one would ever know about it.My wife, Kavita, and I. He was completely paralyzed with fear and had no idea what to do.I’m still in my thirties, work out and while not 20-something still hold my own in a crowd. I snuggled up next to him and whispered in his ear.“You need to do exactly as I say, and if you do I’m going to give you a night you’ll never forget. And give my daughter and every woman you’ll ever date a gift they’ll never be able to repay. Do you want to learn how to make love like a woman wants?”He nodded almost imperceptibly.“And you. Four twos, two plus two plus two plus two equals eight." Oh. I didn't know, I saw the [B]x[/B] and thought it was a plus sign." Other than that, I think you're catching on."She gave me a hug and I caught a whiff of her perfume. It was similar to flowers in bloom. It felt good to be hugged, to be loved superficially is better than being ignored entirely. I put my arm around her and tried to prolong the seconds we actually shared an embrace. Angela looked at me with a smile on her lips and helped. The young nubile body feels good."Oh, Daddy," Brenda sobbed, "I really need to talk to ya." He leads the crying daughter to the living room. They sit together on a large sofa. It was one of those excessively large type where for average adult feet seldom touch the floor when sitting back. His soon to be ex-wife fancied this style of furniture. It was 'fashionable'.Larry holds her close, stroking the long blonde hair. He looks down at Brenda's still-wet and very visible breasts while they.

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