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They were talking about their nudity and how embarrassed they’d be if someone came along and caught them. “I love this” moaned Jane “I feel!” Sandy dusted something off her breasts. “I wonder if boys that go to nudist colonies walk around hard all the time.” Jane said “I doubt it. I heard that they are against that and that boys have to take salt-peter or something to stop them from getting boners.” Sandy giggled, “Too bad. What fun would that be for us?”“Why Sandy, you little tart. So. Our asses close back up, theydon't hang open there waiting for some big dick to show up again! Why?" "Well, just that when Chuck slammed in me that night, in thecamper, he was sure that since my ass had been fucked by you and that thingyou've got, then I wasn't gonna really feel his too much! But I did, damn,---did I!" Looking over at Chuck, Sammy emphatically stated, "Hey guy! Firstplace, that dick you're carrying around with you ain't that damn small.I've sucked it man, and it's a mouth. " She reached into a bag andgrabbed a leash and collar. Then she put the choke collar around my neck.I tried to struggle against the collar but I was being strangled if Iresited. I was chained outside as a big galvanized tub was brought out tome. I tried to bite Mrs. Anderson as she put me in the cold soapy water."Now lookie here Fifi, you don't want things to get any worse do you?Behave yourself and finish you sentence, its only 7 years or so," MrsAnderson said.In the background I heard my. ”Lisa moved across to sit next to her, and took Rose’s hands in hers.“Rose, that’s never going to happen; Will and I are meant for each other, I could never see me not being with him, or having anyone replace him in my life,” Lisa said. “That doesn’t mean we both don’t enjoy sharing, it’s just that ... how’s a nice way to say this ... it’s just that long term, I’m going to be with him, so as long as you are happy with being a short term part of our lives. That’s still didn’t sound right, but I.

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