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As we parked the truck, Kelly looked up at her dorm room window, “I wonder what’s going on in there. Do you suppose they’re still packing stuff ...p or do you think they’re done and doing other stuff?” “I don’t know Kelly. Let’s just go find out. After all, it is your room; you are allowed to go in there.” “Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go.” We walked up to her room, Kelly unlocked and opened the door, not knowing what to expect. We saw Beth and Crystal sleeping on. Maine kaha ki ab mujhe bhi neend nahi a rahi hai. Mai bhi ata hu. Hum dono bahar khade hokar baat karte rahe.maine use pucha ki mujhe to doubuut tha ki slip disc neck ke neeche hota hai. Wo phir boli ki neece hoti haii. Phir maine upper neck ke paas hath lagaya aur bola ki mai yaha sochta tha. Wo phir boli ki neeche hoti hai. Fir mai neeche hath le gaya aur fir se uski kamar pe rakh diya. Aur pucha yaha na. wo woli ha yahi. Phir mai uski kamar pe hath phirata raha. Ham log baat karte hue a rahe. Navu financially upper middle class so nanu enu keyidu mom and dad ella andre kodusoru mom nanna thumba care love madthale aste busy eddru job nalli nange antha mom kelahu time preserve madthale. Nanna sem exam mugidu 1 month vacation nalli edde mom daily morning 9:30 ge bank ge hodre barodu night 7:30 aguthe . Nanna friends alla manege barovaru aga mom allera jorge nu friendly agi smiley agi mathadso jothe ge kudiyoke juice thinnoke cake kodolu aga nanna friends alla nange ninu sakath lucky. My odds got a lot better because of that. He pulled out a large box from the trunk. He put it on the ground and pointed at her. Mikah ignored the box completely.“Nothing,” I said. “If this is exactly the packaging used on the stuff, then it wasn’t sniffed out.” I said. “You need to figure it out. I mean someone turned on someone.”“Okay man. Maybe you can test the packages from now on?” he suggested.“No way, I don’t need your money again. Let’s part now and forget each other. You don’t want to.

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