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The ball looked like it was about to stop rolling, but keptgoing. When it finally stopped, it was less than an inch from the hole.Jo tapped in and the...r opponents looked ashen. At the 'turn' mother anddaughter split a hot dog. After they made a quick stop in the restroomJo made sure her daughters red lipstick looked perfect.When they stepped up to the 10th hole with a commanding lead on herMom's two antagonists, Didi felt that her and her mom were getting evencloser. She started to understood. Mostly because of my nerves, but that wasn’t the only reason.“She just wasn’t the one, mom,” I had said. Mom had hugged me then, and she had felt warm and comfortable. What I hadn’t said then, but had already subconsciously been thinking was: “Why can’t you be the one, mom, even if just for one night?”Eventually I had said it out loud. Nothing had happened until months later, but we had talked about it quite a few times. Mom had not thought the idea to be as weird as I had assumed. “It’s. "Look how fuckin' stiff they are now," Serena said."Yeah, let's not waste those nice stiff dicks," Hope said.Serena pushed me down on the bed and immediately straddled me, working my cock into her tight cunt. I had only fucked a black woman once before and she was only ho-hum. She was no sizzling, sleek fox like this Serena. So this was all extra exciting to me.Meanwhile next to me, Hope was lying on her back, calmly spreading her legs for her son, as Bobby got in between them and slammed it. There were times where I could talk for hours with her, but there were also moments where I just wanted to take her in a empty room, and fuck the shit out of her til we both left the room leaving a huge mess. I couldn’t stop thinking about her like that, ever since we came in contact my cock has been throbbing like fucking mad. There was some night where I would lay in my bed masturbating while thinking about her, and no matter how many loads I let loose, I would still be hard, and unsatisfied..

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