More crew came in until captain Edwards finally entered.I stepped back as Taira panted, "stretch and cool off."She grinned, "you are not even sweating..."I gestured and she nodded while I turned, "you told them?"The captain nodded, "you pulled me and many others out of hell but they are family."I smiled, "putting me off at the next station?"He snorted, "not hardly."He looked around, "family, this is my friend and savior, Jonathan Edward Diamond. The last emperor's Ghost."I glanced at the crew. Ab maine mera muh uske pussy me rakha aur chatne laga aur mere hath uske boobs ko daba rahe the wo bol rahi thi bas bhi karo ab aaaahhhhhh maine chat chat ke uski pussy eqdum chikni kar di aur fir dheere se mera lund uski pusy pe rakha aur dheere se ander push kia lekin uski virgin pusy itni tgt thi ki lund jara sa bhi under nahi ja raha tha aur ankita ke muh se siski naikal rahi thi fir maine dheere se lund ko eq zatka Diya to mere lund ka supada ander gaya aur ankita eq dum chiila uthi aur. ”“I didn’t want you to get hurt. You know what he was like.”“I can protect myself, and I would have protected you too.”“I know. They do say you shouldn’t go back . . . ““Perhaps, but here we are.”David looked at his watch, he had about 45 minutes to make the bus back home. They embraced once more before leaving the hotel room and walking to Victoria. Along the way they tried to make small talk but deep down they were thinking of what had just happened between them.“I’ll call you,” she said as. Mark should have suspected that out of Devon. He had an orgasm so quickly in their previous experience. Mark had fooled himself into thinking that it was because he was so proficient at oral, but clearly, there were other issues.At roughly that time, Justin and Maxi had finished up on poor Jamar. He had been bent over the bench being fucked by half a dozen guys for over an hour and he slowly stood up. There were no signs of anybody getting so much as a drip out of his cock and it was still.

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