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My mom and her boyfriend had nothing to say that meant anything to me. I met up with him on a Saturday morning and we headed out. He had a cab in with a small bunk and TV and another bunk could pull down. Windows in the side. Lots of small lights. Nice.We talked and talked and about 5 hours into the trip, after a good lunch, I came upon his porn stash behind his seat. I asked him if he would mind and he said not at all. I had not seen porn that good, long cocks of all kinds, big. When She met me at the door I almost exploded just looking at her. She had blonde hair today in a long braid d****d over the front of her shoulder. Her eyebrows were dark thin lines followed by different shades blue all the way to her eyelashes. Her cheeks were painted a blush color and her lips a dark crimson. She wore a black top held over her shoulders with two thin straps with a small gold heart necklace between them. Her top started just above her nipples and ran down her smooth flat chest. A pair of black hiking boots finished off her outfit.Just behind her and to her right walked a pale, nervous looking girl named Allison. She had long brown hair pulled back into a somewhat messy ponytail and wearing thick, dark-rimmed glasses. Her frail features and demure posture left her best described as ‘mousy’. Even on such a warm day, she wore a light sweater and baggy, ankle-length blue dress completely concealing her slender frame.To Allison’s left walked her twin sister Monica. Monica. He reached down hesitantly and put his hand in-between the robot’s legs. Immediately, a penis pushed its way out of a hole, growing rapidly in Troye’s hands. He got up and examined it closer. It seemed to be made out of rubber, but was throbbing like it was alive and full of energy. It grew to a massive 10inches, stood up straight in the air between them. Troye felt it all over with both his hands. He was so hard himself, and he could feel his breathing getting heavier. A sudden experimental.

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