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Damon said with a slight tone of friendship and care in his voice.“yeah? Then why are you hard? Jeremy felt confused and for some reason aroused. Da...on smirked and said “ Well Smoking with a bottle of bourbon and a pretty boy what’s not to like.” Jeremy didn’t respond he just shook his head and went to grab the bottle of drink.“Look Jer if you wanna make it fair I can drink your blood as well?”Jeremy couldn’t tell if Damon was being serious or if he was just joking around, “ No Thanks Damon I’m. I moved my finger in and out very slowly and softly, about a half of it inside her now. God I wanted nothing more than to put my cock inside her. It lay against her stomach as she slept against me. She was in a deep sleep so I moved down some and lay her on top of me still deep asleep. My hard cock was now touching her soaked entrance and I pushed forward just enough to put it in between her thick pussy lips. I almost came right then so I lie still. I started to softly and slowly fuck her. Jimmy's dick was also nice and long so he got me good and deep which gave me some fantastic orgasms.We had great sex together and I got very comfortable with my body. I had become quite pretty, especially naked, and Jimmy just loved to look at me and have me take various poses, including some triple X-rated ones which I loved doing. He had a stash of Playboy and Penthouse magazines and he would have me take the same poses as some of his favorite models in the magazines.So, like so many girls, I. Christy argued with John and refused to provide care if she could not discuss the use of condoms with the girls. John was worried this would get them all thrown out of True Light. Sure enough after the second day John’s favorite nun April was sent to “talk” to John. The matter of Christy’s aberrant behavior was raised. To John’s surprise they were not thrown out and the nature of the rebuke was rather startling. April looked at John and was clearly embarrassed by the mission she had been sent.

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