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Baat un dino ki hai jab mein apne pati ke saath nai nai shadi karke unke ghar gai thi. Mere pati kafi handsome hain, aur me bhi dikhne mein kafi sexy ...un. Aisa mere pati aksar bolte hain. Shadi ke baad mere pati aur mein din mein kai baar sex karte the, par jald hi office ke kaam ki wajah se vo pareshan rahne lage aur muje pura time nahin de pate the, jiski waja se mein upset rahne lagi.Kuch din baad mere pati ka badnagar transfer ho gaya humne wahan par rent ka makan le liya, shadi ke baad. "That's all I have!" Pete counted out forty six dollars and tossed the now empty purse onto the kitchen counter before saying, "Ya know what?" "For the past four years I did nothing but think about having someone like you, and now I'm gonna get to!!!"Pete grabbed the stunned young woman by the arm and literally dragged her into the bedroom. "N-no, please no!" she begged but to no avail. "P-please leave me alone!" He tossed her like a rag doll onto the bed and for the first time she got a good. When a sensitive spot was found we would tell the other. We each learned that the other’s ears and necks were sensitive, that the back and inside of his upper arms were sensitive and that both our nipples were extremely sensitive. I told him that touching my breasts anywhere sent a tingly feeling all the way to my pussy. We took turns kneeling and running our fingers over the other’s lower body but avoiding the genitals. He was most sensitive on his inner thighs. I was sensitive on my butt. We once again picked up Katherine, who was still looking like a young girl. I decided that since she had enjoyed the kiss on the hand, that I would do that again, but this time, instead of letting go of her hand after I had kissed it, I used it to pull her closer and kiss her gently on the cheek as well."I'm glad you agreed to go out with me again," I told her. "I had a very nice time last time, and I hope that you did as well. I am looking very forward to spending more time with you." Thank.

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