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I wore a loose fitting t shirt and really baggy basket balltype shorts to help with the heat. It was really hot out and not many people were out on t...e streets. It was during the week also so many were at work. I got to the theater paid my ticket and went inside. It was niceto feel the air conditioning. I only live a few blocks from the theater but with the heat i was sweating already. I got some popcorn a water and went to the movie room. I was the only person there which was great because I. I’m feeling very pleased with the result too; having just finished giving Jessica her first session of sexual relief. It released a heap of stress within her and now she’s sleeping soundly.Having come downstairs I was now waiting to talk things over with Dan when he came in. After all, he was a grown man who had to take some of the responsibility along with some of the remedy.The room had become darkened by the time he arrived, and I was reclining on the sofa in a flimsy wrap; which rather took. But he'd always been kind to the southwest Louisiana Bayou until Rita came crashing in a month later.aroslav: nawlins?WHITNEY: [big grimace] New Or Leans to you all. Anyhoo. We all'da stuck it out if it was just Katrina, but most of the folk who ran north from Katrina hadn't come back yet when Rita wiped out pretty much everything. They say the surge was twelve feet high. Of course, we were hiding out up in Shreveport with Aunt Adelaide and when we came back, there wasn't much left. Pop is a. “My Pa always told a tale about the old man who lived not far from us in Kentucky, and old moonshiner who eventually made a batch that kilt him. Years after he died people claimed they saw the old man more than once still drinking his hooch from his old linker jar and laughing all silly like! I thought I heard him once or twice, but it was problems jest the wind. It blows force and makes weird noises some nights in old Kentucky.” You Knows my Pa died a fever when I were just ten back in.

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