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At full erection, Phil has a nice, 7-inch, thick cock. He was about 5 and half inches now. I sucked him deeper... harder. When he reached six inches, ... slid my hand under his buttocks and thrust two fingers into his ass. His cock surged as I let it slide into my throat. I continued to suck him as he moaned and thrust his full length deep into my throat, essentially fucking my mouth.Rolling onto my back, I pulled him into my sex saddle. When I felt his hard cock against my opening, I rammed my. However, as the wedding plans started, the feelings grew moreintense.At Maria's dress fitting, Brett nearly came to tears when he saw Mariacome out in her wedding dress. Brett thought the dress was gorgeous. Itwas an ivory strapless dress that had a corded lace bodice. Brett's eyesdrifted down the dress to its layered, tossed tulle skirt, which acathedral length train that extended 70 inches from the waist of thedress.Brett wished that he could wear one just like it, but part of him knewthat. I think you get turned on just as much, but we never seem to go as far as talking dirty and having phone sex. But each time we do talk, we seem to get to the sex part of our conversations quicker and quicker. The tension is building between us, even though, to this point, we haven't met. I think 'cause we are both married, we think we shouldn't get physical, and that's what's holding us back. Then again, it could be the fact that we are on opposite sides of the state. I know that as hard as you. For some reason my old Pecker decided that it wasn't going to stand up and play ball. Well, I think I knew the reason but Maggie was surprised. In all the years we had been together it was the first time she hadn't been able to turn me on.I acted just as surprised as she was and told her I was going to have to see the doctor about it as I was much too young to have the equipment failing. We fell asleep in each other's arms. Well, that's a bloody lie; Maggie fell asleep and I lay there wondering.

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