I'll be damned if I'm going to spend my senior year as a Cinderella.Then they changed to a slow tune. I came into Dave's arms and followed his lead. I...'s only a symbol, but it's an important one. Dave takes the lead all the time.He decided when we would leave the dance, as well. I knew we were headed for our usual place, the shadow of a culvert over a dry wash. We park enough below road level to give us some privacy, but way above the floor of the ravine.He had driven me there on our second. After two minutes she texted me stating the man was at the bar and had already made an approach to her, so I went back home to get everything ready. Throughout the rest of the night Anita kept texting me with updates on how it was going, saying she had been having a few drinks and she was very horny thinking about it.After midnight I got a final text stating she was on her way back home, accompanied by this guy,I heard them entering our house as I was waiting in the spare room; I had set our. Oh, it felt so wonderful, so much better than I had ever dreamed it could be. Her tongue then moved down my shaft and licked my balls before again sucking my cock.The sexual tension and lust in my body was now rapidly building to the extreme of pure unadulterated pleasure. “Oh, it feels so good, UUUHHH, I’m going to cum!”I was surprised when she gripped the base of my cock very hard that prevented any ejaculation. I was startled at her voice as she removed her mouth when she said, “I want you. Her perfume hit me like a wall; I closed my useless eyes. She kissed me gently, letting me breathe in the scent of her."You've been mine forever," she whispered. I wrapped my arms around her and hated the silk for not being as smooth as her skin. Our kiss burned and quenched at the same time.Forgetting her question, she guided me into my bedroom. Brittany was lying on the bed wearing the same style gown in black. She had prepared herself too but looked confused. Rachel let go of my hand and got.

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