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I wanted to be inside her, with our bodies greased with sweat. I wanted to feel her and slowly my desires started to creep up in my eyes. I looked at like a dog looks at the bone.A few weeks passed by, our kitchen routine started to match but we never shared a word. Strangely enough, I never once did meet her in person. The kitchen was the only place I ever saw her.But that wasn’t the case with her husband, he and I became good acquaintances as we both had matching interests. We chatted. Fuck me up the arse?" If you think you'll enjoy it," he nodded, "and as long as you're looking at me and thinking of me while he's... you know... going at your bum..." So my arsehole is just a spunk dumpster for ex-boyfriends to come and make use of?"I said it with a smile but I thought I had a valid point.Alex shrugged. "If it feels like that to you, then we'll just forget the idea. I just thought we could do him a favour and at the same time give your bum a treat by feeding it a really big. Madhu room me aai aur jhadu lga rahi thi aur mai kahi jane k liye ready ho rha tha to jb wo jhuk k jhadu laga rahi thi to uske moote moote boobs dikhai de rahe the. Jinko dekh k muh me paani aa gya. Mera lund khada ho gya paint me. Fir mai waha se nikl gya ab mai pooja ko kafi dekhne lga kb wo jhuke aur boobs k darsan ho jaye. Ek din to madhu naha rahi thi to maine darwaje ki darar me se usko pura nanga dekha bs usne panty pehni thi bra nahi uske moote boobs bina bra k aur bhi moote lag rahe. I wanted to spend time, learn about art, and see the city through her eyes. It was almost like I could be her friend. If anything developed after that so be it. I closed my eyes and my hand automatically found the hard shaft of my penis. I started gently stroking myself as visions of Bonnie flashed through my brain. Bonnie’s story I could not believe the man I had just met. Not only was he extremely handsome, but he was really interested in what I had to say. It was not the fake attention, it.

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