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He walked to the kitchen as I stood pacing the living room, admiring the wood paneling. I have to admit, the hardwood floors were just amazing to look...at; probably clean enough to eat off of. He reached the kitchen and asked, “Want anything to drink?” And I replied with another question, “You got any Mountain Dew?” “I know you can’t catch” so here you go.” He handed me a familiar green can, which I snapped open and immediately took a mighty swig. “Follow me,” he said, leading me to his bedroom.. The principle was Alam and the teacher was Akram and I was told to get fucked as punishment so that they can forgive me.You can imagine the simple role play we did and I am not going into details of that.Now I went to my knees and Akram came to me. He handcuffed my hands, and tied a dog collar around my neck. I was enjoying every bit of it. He then tore my shirt and ripped of my bra using his teeth as if he was a real tiger. Then he gave a real tight slap on my left nipples and I gave a loud. I did not feed on my travelling companions as that would have been foolish.I would watch a village for women who ventured to the well at night. I would then lure them away and bite them, taking only enough to satisfy my hunger. Then I would fuck them to their great delight. I don't want to sound immodest but I have always been endowed with good equipment and the change had made me quite superior in that department. Couple size with vampire vigour and you have the makings for a great party. He didn't want me to suck on it but wanted to jerk off all over my face. I agreed but I was disappointed. He came in about 2 minutes splattering my face with more cum. Just as he opened the door 2 guys were standing there waiting to come in. They said we are going to fuck you and cum in your mouth. I was shocked, they were dressed in suits and looked very clean cut. I said "I'm your slave boy". They locked the door and took off their clothes. The bigger guy came up in front of me and stuck his.

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