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"Mary stuttered to a standstill. Her hands flitted about, unable to decide what to do with themselves. "I... I can't let you loose. You know I can't."...ecognizing his chance, Lou arched again against his blanket bonds. "The shotgun, take it up. If I don't do exactly like you want me to, you can shoot me in the leg." Lou rattled off his words at a quick pace hoping to push her into action without gaining time to think."The shotgun? Yes. That will work." Mary rushed to the far corner of the room. Another discovery for me.By the second week, I had seen what I needed to see in the production of the granite from slab to countertop, backsplash, or other miscellaneous uses. It might have been boring for most people, but it wasn't to me. I was learning, and that was important. I needed to know all that I could if I was going to sell this product.I learned that not all granite is equal. Some grades finish better than others. I was taken to see some installations of low grade granite and just. I put a shield around all the places in Ellen’s head that weren’t linking to April or me.The bobcat jumped away from us and started looking for threats. It climbed into a tree and laid on a branch, ready to pounce if needed. I noticed it never once looked at Ellen or me as a threat, but something had spooked it.Ellen started shaking in my arms.“It is ok. I’m right here, Ellen,” I told her.She started shaking even more and crying. Over the link from her, I felt pure, raw, animalistic fear. I had. "Sorry. I was thinking about the Ken Bridges. I have to callhim later. We are working on an school assignment together." Oh. He's a nice boy. I thought maybe you had a new boyfriend."Her father replied."Not hardly Daddy. Just a school project." Nancy replied, somewhatembarrassed."Casandra, would you lead us in grace please. I believe itis your turn. Your sister did it yesterday." Janice asked asshe took her place at the table."Yes Mother."Nancy could not believe what she had just heard.The girl.

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