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We’ll do it again sometime soon.”After another kiss, Nathan bolted out the door headed for his job. More than some of the others, Nathan had suffe...ed a setback at work when the nature of his living arrangement had first been revealed in the press years earlier. Since then, particularly with the TV show, he’d become a celebrity and his company had reversed its position, and now seemed to appreciate his worth. He’d even had a promotion to the nearby field office, and now didn’t have to prowl the. Then I thought I wanted more.So I went over to her pussy and started rubbing it a little. I licked it a little too. It tasted awesome. I put my cock in it, and the tightness felt just great. I don’t have words for that feeling. I fucked her nicely and was enjoying every second of it. But after 5 minutes I was feeling that I was going to explode. I didn’t want to explode inside her, because she might get pregnant. So I pulled out and blasted another load over her pretty face. She still looked. It was the first time I'd every kissed a woman from that region of the world.Not wanting to scare her off, I backed off again, sat on the sofa, and said "We'd better decide what this night is going to be!" She looked at me longingly, and said "I'm not going anywhere - are you?" I asked her if that meant not even going to the pool. Her reply was, "What need for that - we already have one!" I told her I would leave the room while she changed into her bathing suit (though I'd have preferred she. "This is why you are in such demand Mr. Harris–you are always thinking of the ladies. What a gentleman!" she said."Well, just remember… I'm not always a gentleman!" I said."Oh, I'm counting on that, Tony… very much! Okay, I will see you on Friday?" she asked."Yes, Friday it is. I will make the arrangements right now. I hope this Pussyopolis is all it's cracked up to be!" I said."I will see to it you have a wonderful trip, lover! I'm going to call in sick on Monday too just because I know it.

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