As I arrived, another Carla text greeted me (I looked up toward her apartment smiling and thinking she was watching me). The text said, have fun with ...lice, the front office manager. Have fun with Maykim the co-owner, and to have fun with the twins (two sisters from the Philippines who do all the cleaning). I walked into the office. There behind the counter was a larger than average woman. I introduced myself to her. I am Alice she said. Alice seem to be in her mid-20s, about 5’8’’, probably. I was in ecstasy.Tom knelt behind me and spread my ass making a way for his probing tongue. He darted his tongue into my hole very forcefully and deeply. It almost drove me over the edge. He licked my ass for a couple of minutes until he stood back up.I felt the tip of his cock trying to find its way. I braced my self for what was coming. Tom spread my ass and steadily pushed his cock into it. I began to realize how enormous he was. He just kept pushing it in and it took my breath away. I. He plunged his tongue past my pussy lips entirely and tried to shove it up inside me. I trembled and shook as he tried to penetrate my cunt in that way in my imagination. In reality, my own fingers made their way down to my opening and I attempted to slide one finger inside myself, but couldn't seem to get it all the way in so I settled for playing closer to the outside, which still felt amazing. Seeing Daddy's hair all mussed as he went to work suckling my core drove me wild. I bucked my hips. There was another knock at the door. "Jim?" his wife's voice sounded.Jim's eyes widened, then focussed. "All three of you," he pointed to the three women, "Into the bathroom. Now! Be quiet, except for Kim. You two aren't even here, understood?" Yes," the three chorused."Bobby?" Yes, Dad. Got it."The three women piled in and shut the door, then Jim answered the main door. "Hi, honey," he smiled sweetly."Are the kids okay?" Yes, I was just talking to Bobby while Kim is in the bathroom. Wasn't I,.

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