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The anticipation built until the first time his fingertip brushed the under-curve.My body shuddered with a single throb of a momentary orgasm. The sce...t of warmth and moisture between my legs made its way to John's nose, despite the pajama-bottoms' attempt to reign it. His nostrils flared, sampling it in combination with the juvenile fragrance of my perfume.His fingertips traced a spiral around my breast from the bottom, advancing a hair's breadth toward the nipple on each pass. My nipple. ‘Really?’ My voice had deserted me again, the sound coming out as a rather hoarse croak. ‘They’re — they’re too small.’ He looked incredulous. ‘Who told you that?’ Once again my expression must’ve spoken volumes for in the next moment he gave a disgusted snort. ‘Wanker,’ he said, shaking his head. ‘He really didn’t deserve you.’ I laughed weakly, heartened by the vehemence in his tone. ‘And you do?’ Whoa… Where had that come from? I hadn’t intended to throw down the gauntlet. He smiled. ‘Well,. Now, I have shagged several types of woman in my time - skinny (like Ann), slightly chubby (like Suzy) and of course Mrs Tabbycat who has never had what some would describe as a good body; she is rounded, mature and Mumsy. She has never owned nor worn a bikini preferring to cover her nakedness with full body swimsuits and that suits me just fine.Walking into the bedroom she started to undress and piece by piece she became as nature intended much to the delight of my cock that was now pointing. " Oh, I'm sure we'll manage. Come on, Maria, your mistress needs you."She resumed dragging me upstairs. My breasts swung painfully fromside to side."I'm not your maid," I said firmly."Whatever," she said. "Just go with the flow, sweetie. I promiseit'll be worth your while."And it was. We just had to avoid any kissing, as my lips were stilltoo sore.I couldn't see how she could find Maria in the nude sexy. But it waslike that time when I was Fifi. Even she didn't know what was gettingher.

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