I was not sure if Cindy counted. I think I would just count actual orgasms. Either I gave them an orgasm or they gave me one, so that left Cindy off t...e list. There was Tracy, Tami and the two girls at Kentucky. "Six counting you," I told her.She was taking this in when it dawned on her that I might want to know her count. She blushed and asked, "Do you want to know my count?" Actually, absolutely not," I told her. I glanced at the clock and saw I needed to get downstairs for my run with. Mason doesn't pay us for the photos, eh girl?":How much do I owe you?" I asked Doggie."Sixty bucks!" he replied, and, as he removed the camera's thumb drive,the cameraman said:"That, of course, includes my fee!"I wrote out a cheque for $60.00 immediately from a chequebook on thebedside table and handed it to Doggie, who smiled and said."You'll receive the photographs by email. As for that statement yousigned, it's already in the hands of the Camberwell Insurance Company -and they now have this. “YOU!” she screeched, but she was laughing.“Not the same?” I asked with a silly grin.“I am NOT losing my virginity to Weird Al!”“Chicago 17 or Journey’s Greatest Hits?”“Chicago.”I ejected the Weird Al CD, put it in its case and put it back on the shelf, then got the Chicago CD and put it into the player and pressed ‘Play’. I moved over to the bed, pulled down my duvet and then turned back to Libby. She came over to me and we hugged and kissed. Our lips parted, our tongues met, and Libby pulled. Her juices spray all across my face and chest while i came in hermouth. I felt drained until she flipped around and put her vag back onto my dick and put me in her.She is a monster, I say in my head as she move her hips around and started grinding me. .

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