Mom looked at me approvingly and said “why yes you should young lady” as if I were growing up or something. Well maybe I was, just not in the way...that she wanted to think about. I entered Uncle Marks room, this time I realized for the first time, that he was really asleep. I mean it was obvious that he was really out of it. I talked to him and almost thought that I might have to touch him to wake him up but then he woke up. Now I realize what he was doing but back then I had no idea. Uncle. Then finally she set a dinner date. We met downtown and went out to dinner and did a little shopping then went to a nice hotel where she had booked a room ahead of time. We went in and everything felt comfortable and good. We made out and then Linda said she would be right back and that I should get undressed. I took off my clothes and sat o nthe bed, Linda came out of the bathroom naked. She was not bad looking, nice tits, a little belly and a chubby little hairy pussy. She sat on the bed and. “Are we ready to order?” the waiter asked. Does he know, can he tell what’s being done to me? I’m afraid to open my mouth for fear that I might let on. Jacob takes the lead and orders for both of us and the waiter is off. Thank God, I don’t know how much longer I could have held back the moan I needed so badly to let out. “Oh my God….” Escaped just as the waiter walked away, as Jacob turned up the vibrations. The movement going back and forth over my clit felt so good. “Let it go baby, let. .. ? Is that your daughter?” Anger swelled through the man’s face. “You turned your daughter into a slave? What the fuck is wrong with you? You fucking crazy?”His anger offended me. This man was a friend of Dad’s! A fellow master. A man who’d fucked my mother before. Daddy was originally going to order me to fuck this man to pay for my piercings. My Daddy was going to give this man an amazing gift, to fuck his Goddess-daughter’s cunt, and now he was getting mad and insulting my Daddy?“Shut up!”.

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