She had on a business suit while the man was wearing sweat pants, and with the two in front of me, I could see nothing else so I sat back in my seat a...d played with my phone. I looked up moments later and he was pushed right up against her rear as the two swayed together, synchronized to the movement of the train. I could see she was a little annoyed with him bumping against her, but he seemed to be enjoying every moment taking place; in fact, it looked to me like he was beginning to sport an. Coming around the corner of the building, you literally run into one of the new guards taking an after shift smoke before going home.You both tumble to the ground in a heap, levering yourself onto his chest you place one hand over his mouth, and the other around his throat. Having already vowed to not go back into a cage, you ride his bucking chest, watching the light leave his eyes, as you choke the life out of him. With one last surge you feel the guard slump to the ground, breathing hard you. He kept stroking my cock and I couldn’t hold it any longer – I was about to cum AND HE STARTED TUGGING FASTER!“Fuck Mike – if you keep going, I’m gonna spew in your hand!” I said, eyes closed, and turning my head in ecstasy. The porn could have been off at this point, no one was watching it anymore!“Cum on my cock.” He said.“What on your, cock?” I said.“Cum - blow your load on my dick, dude!” As soon as he said that, I stood up and leaned over putting my hand on his shoulder for stability. I. ” he leered. Both girls inched forward until they were standing directly before the seated Alexander. His eyes were at crotch level, He gently patted Amy, then Margaret. “Hmmmmm.” Amy started to tremble while Margaret stoically looked straight ahead.Abruptly, Alexander got up. “Get dressed girls. We are going out.”Amy and Margaret hurried to the bedroom and threw on their student clothes. When they reappeared in the living area, Alexander merely turned on his heels and headed out the door. The.

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