“Yeah.”“Well, what’s so different now? What if it had been you in the car with Jenny? Would you want Mom to be lonely?”“No,” he admitted...“Have you talked it over with Mom yet?” Lizzie knew her father visited the gravesite and would talk to his dead wife. She considered it very morbid but wouldn’t dream of saying so.“Not yet, but I will,” he replied.“So? As long as she doesn’t try to be my mother, maybe it’s not my business. Will I meet her?”“I’d like you to. She really isn’t cut out to be your. He'd had several quick blow-jobs in the back seats of his car, but never a leisurely sensuous licking like this. He loved it. He folded his arms behind his head and lay there grinning like a fool as his cock-hungry mother gobbled his cream. This was Terry's idea of heaven.Unfortunately it was Matt's idea of hell. There he was. watching his younger brother get all Mom's attention and have all the fun, and it was killing him. True, he'd had his turn with her, but he still felt ignored and. Pull away," his brain screamed. But it was too late, even if she wanted too. However, it appeared that she had no intention of pulling away. Chris watched in amazement as her cheeks bulged and then collapsed as she swallowed once, twice, three times, all the while pumping the shaft for more. He saw her legs trembling and wondered if she were having another climax."Very nice," the stranger whispered as he pulled Allison's mouth from his penis with a loud pop. "That always takes the edge. After today, I’ll show you which of the household servants have the best dicks to suckle on.”“Yes, Mother,” she purred, her excitement mounting.She swallowed the crown of my cock and suckled hard. I groaned as that cutie bobbed her head, working her mouth up and down my dick. Her mother massaged my nuts while she watched her daughter blowing me. A proud smile spread on her lips.Zanya brought me closer and closer to that magical moment. She was so good at. I loved how she worked her mouth up and.

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