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"now you are all ready to go."A few moments later, I'm sitting in the same vehicle that brought me to the Inward Bound Centre with the same four other...girls that were with me on the day we arrived here almost two months ago. But, this time, they are being a bit more severe with us — as a last fling we have been given discipline hoods to wear on the trip back. Well, I guess that's progress. We were all chatting away together as we waited in the entrance hall but now we're all quiet - we cannot. “I’d hope I could be as well-adjusted as Alan,” I said.“Oh, boy,” he laughed. “Alan got adjusted by Tina and Terri and every other female in the Community.”“I bet,” I said. “I see too many smiling faces...”“‘S what Cindy said. How’re you gonna tell Terri ‘no’ when she sees Cindy, Dana, Nikki? I couldn’t offer an argument, for damned sure.”“I know the feeling. When conversation goes in that direction, I tend to clam up. Still, they’re a good-looking couple.”“Yep,” Dan said. “They’re part of the. And ... you can’t go out in public ... nude. It’s ... illegal, sir,” the secretary told me, making me chuckle along with my posse.“Watch me!” I smiled at her as I moved past into the chambers of the justice of the peace.This caused the secretary to stand up and try to block us, but in vain. The elderly justice of the peace arose with a start upon seeing us, at which point I directed him to take a seat and his secretary to sit on his lap. She squirmed, particularly when he grew noticeably. Even Melanie, who wants me in the worst possible way, recognized that in the end she wasn’t the type who could share long-term. That’s why she’s with Pete. And why Kathy is with Kurt. And why Julia is with Dave.“And yet, all those girls, including Becky, are my friends. Granted, I keep Becky at arm’s-length, and for good reason. I guess that what I’m telling you is that you can be my friend without being physically intimate. You can be a very close friend, and I really, really want that,.

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