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"It did not take long for one to suggest that maybe she liked knowing they were jerking off to her, and perhaps she was a little into incest and did n...t mind that I was jerking off to her. I laughed to myself and thought, if only they knew. "I think we can all agree that if she were anyone of our mother's we would be jerking off to her incest or not, she is fucking hot! And those big tits of hers! You are lucky getting to see her every day."Again I laughed to myself thinking, 'never mind. Guddu’s one hand was helping my hand press harder on her boobs while her other hand was caressing my already hard penis. Guddu was quick to let my hot lund free from my pants by opening the zip and holding the flesh in her hands. She started playing with the reddish tip while I too entered my hands under her frock and started caressing her already wet choot. We too were almost unconscious feeling our selves in the cloud nine. Our moans were increasing every second with our body temperature too. . I love you, but it was exciting, knowing you were watching. I could feel your jealousy, your lust for me!" A smile creased her lips. "It made me feel so desired! By you, by the man in me! I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world."She unbelted her robe, her round breasts appearing as the robe fell away. Her nipples were hard, pink. "Thank you for the massage, Bill," she said, huskily, standing up. I watched her heart-shaped ass sway as she walked upstairs. "Coming dear?"That night we. Anita sat down again onto the bed and parted her thighs easily as he crouched in front of her; his tongue was soon on her pussy lips and I saw her gasping again.I knew he had found her sensitive clitoris, since my sensual wife was now moaning loud, breathing hard with her eyes closed.I knew she was close to get a nice wild climax; I was right…She suddenly moved her hips up to match his tongue and she came, crying like a bitch in heat. Ana then fell back onto the bed and she grabbed the guy’s.

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