"Good move the pair of you," Morgana said, finally relaxing after making the pair of us sweat for what seemed like a lifetime."Thank you, my Mage," I ...aid breathing a sigh of relief."Still, next time you offer an agreement on behalf of the Department I want to know about it first, Róisín," Morgana said sternly."Yes, Mage Morgana," Róisín said apologetically."As it is, we've elevated the Juwes Clan's status in their arcane Confederation to that of a major player and gained them as allies should. Everywhere. Then she dressed me in a garter belt, sheer stockings and bra, and fuck me pumps. The closed toe pointy kind, with no sides and ankle straps. And a pretty florescent blue pageboy wig. Then she fucked me. She fucked me with her strap-on and I came. The biggest come I've ever had. She didn't even touch my clit. I came from her fucking my pussy.I sat on the bed, blindfolded, sipping white wine. She gave me white wine because it was more girly, more feminine. God help me, I did feel so. Yet still have tons of thousands of dollars.At home I remembered that today began the day of my medication and so I decided to go out and fill the prescription. Once home again I immediately took one, because I was a stickler to doctors orders. About five minutes later I got a call of Herbert himself. He called me to tell me how I was feeling and to see if any trans...My mind went blank. However this is what he said:"Assuming you've taken your pill due to the fact you didn't comment on the. Yipeeeeee it's Friday time to grab the case and head for the airport for the last time this year. Finally, the Christmas holidays had arrived and Bob would soon be back in England relaxing with his family. It had been another hard year for him, travelling back and forth to Belgium every week to work in that strange country, constantly living out of a suitcase he was tiring of this gypsy lifestyle but next year he would sort it all out and things would be better. Christmas Day quickly arrived.

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