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I was going to remove it when she shouted !"Keep going don't stop... Oh fuck this is so good !".She was literally screaming now when, suddenly, Nat ra... from the room. I stopped and so did Hazel. It broke the moment. I was almost there. "Bugger It thought !". I'd wanted to cum myself ! I was so close to it !!!We found Nat on the settee in tears."What's wrong Nat ?" Hazel asked."I thought sex was nice but you were in pain" She replied."Oh no ! I was in ecstasy Natalie ! It felt so good" "I was. - “Do you want to see my tits?” she asked.I simply nodded my head, not believing that my gorgeous cousin that I have fantasized about for the past few days was sitting next to me on my bed asking me if I wanted to see her tits. She stood in front of me and told me to take the towel off her body. It took me a moment to understand her request so she just grabbed my hands and placed them on each side of the towel. I grabbed it and slowly unhooked it, letting it drop to the floor. For the first. I stopped and started undressing myself as he watched. He did the same and soon we were both standing there naked. He walks over to me again but this time I had a change of heart and said “we shouldn’t be doing this”. He said “it’s too late and you should just let go, give in to it”. I grabbed his cock again and we threw off the game from the table. He then lifted my in the air and sat me on it and we started kissing hard again. He then laid me down on the table and climbed on top of me. I walked over to her and put my hands on her tits from behind, “What the hell are you doing” she said, as I felt her tits I replied “I’ll stop if you don’t like it” and as I carried on she stayed silent. Feeling her nipples get harder I was soon tweaking them as she sat there.I pulled her blouse up and unclipped her bra, her tits tumbled down as I caught them and fondled her nipples, now they were really getting hard. She sighed. I moved round and sat in front of her as I touched them, she.

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