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I dressed like James Bond. I dressed like Darth Vader."I smiled. Checkmate."You wore a lot of dresses, too," I said. "And panties. And nighties.Admit ...t, Andy. For God's sake, Jenny said you were Snow White for anentire summer."He sagged visibly. There was no talking his way out of this."No," he said quietly. "It wasn't Snow White. It was Belle. From Beautyand the Beast." - 3 - - Annie -And so our routine adjusted, just a bit. We. ..."-0-0-0-I suppose I should explain what had transpired in the last few daysbefore my death so that all this would make some kind of sense.Maybe if I explained it well enough, I might even begin to understandit myself.-0-0-0-First of all, despite my conversation about my rather full and well-formed breasts with the man in the white doctor's coat, I am a man, orat least I was before I died rather prematurely.About four days ago, or rather four days prior to the date of my death,my wife Nancy. I loved the way young women play hard to get, pretending to be so virtuous, while keeping their privates so neatly groomed. Why bother if they truly didn't want anyone to admire their intimate areas? Alena was starting to grow more and more uneasy as my hand began to move lower until it snaked between her thighs. I told her in the most lurid way that she was getting very wet, as my fingers probed her pussy. But as much as Alena hated to admit it, I was right! My hand was now sliding back and. Oh fuck yes.. fuck me..." he said biting his lips. I started sliding in and out of him as I watched him, grabbing onto his shoudlers and then his face as I turned him to look back at me, I went ahead and kissed him, gently at first. "Does it hurt?" I asked showing concern as he moaned. "Oh... fuck yeah.. it hurts.. it hurts so fucking good.. that dick feels so good in my ass.... oh my god.." he let out. I smiled as I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, he came in and gave it a lick and.

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