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Andrew looked at me while I paid for the beer then followed me to the car. When we got inside, he said, "You gonna have him make the shit for you?" Le...'s say it's an option down the road." I replied.We were waiting for Bosco when Vivian called me. "Hello Vivian," I said into the phone, "It seems we might have something to talk about after all." I thought we might have after you had a chance to think about it. So when do you plan to meet?" she asked."Well I'm in a meeting now, so when is good. Tropez.Do I look like Caro Emerald? Someone said I am a dead ringer for her... canny see it myself.All out of the car and moi missing the potholes in the shot tarmac in my Lahboutain heels, we entered an empty shell, my heels echoed on the stone floor."Can I wait in the car" I asked with a hint of fear in my lilting voice.The others were no speakingJoe,Louis and Pepe just ushered me up a staircase to a red door that had most of the paint peeling off Bang Bang Enrico kicked the door, after an. After a few minutes of making out I asked a question that I’d ask hundreds of times over the next several years…’do you want to fuck me?’Her answer didn’t come in the form of words, it came to me as a telepathic ‘Hell Yes!’ as she lifted off her blouse and then sat on the bed in the same spinning motion. I helped her out of her remaining clothes as we did some more kissing and touching. My clothes came off in waves in between kisses, touches, her soft. And all the while I was simply a bit player in some sick little testosterone fueled fantasy of yours.’ I felt very stupid. I loved looking at sexy women in lingerie, but they were always in magazines. How I longed for the security of my bedroom and those non-descript female images. I didn’t like looking at a real woman quite as much. Especially one that was angry and shouting at me. I wanted to run out, but she hadn’t finished with me yet. Even I had to accept that my dreams of a weekend of sex.

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