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I... beg p-pardon ...” she choked out. “M-Mistress ...” she added. It must have cost her a lot to make that statement. “Mistress it is,” I, “from now on. And if any of you forget it, you’ll suffer for it.” Leo was looking more and more miserable and was close to tears, it seemed. “I’ll deal with this filthy b**st first,” I said. “I know they ordered him to fuck me... and made me suck him... but he should not have ENJOYED it so much. The pig did. I KNOW.” “I understand perfectly,” said. It was a violent orgasm, throwing her about on the hood of the car.But mercilessly, the policeman kept fucking, and Brad was standing halfway up, showing off his swelling erection to her. Masturbating in Nikki's face as the brutal policeman drove her to her climax really turned him on.Suddenly Nikki felt the policeman's wet cock slide out of her."How about it, pal," he said with a dirty grin. "Wanna get some, too? Damn, she's a randy bitch!"Then he grabbed Nikki, opened the car door, and threw. It was divided into small apartments and he got out to open the door of the basement one. He came back and we got Elaine out of the back and carried her inside. The flat was dim and dingy and very untidy. We carried Elaine across the living area and Mack somehow managed to pull back a curtain to reveal an old single bed,with grubby sheets on. We hoisted Elaine onto the bed and Mack went back to shut the door. He said The others will be here soon. Best get my turn now He quickly unfastened his. He was trying to crawl away screaming. "NO don't Oh Please don't" I thought about what they were about to do to Kate and I broke his other leg.Rushing back down the stairs I found Kate still standing by my bike like a lost child.Reaching into the saddlebags I got out a jacket I had just purchased that night. "Come on mam put this on and we will get out of here." I told her.She jumped, and then seemed to realize what I said then reached for the jacket."You will have to get on behind me and tell.

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