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Smiling, he was glad that he had Nyrae; though there was no real relationship there Juno felt more than Master and Jinn feelings for her. He might be ...ruff and stern but with the council watching his every move he felt he'd had to be that way. Now he finds out they had wanted him as he was now though he had to admit it did feel a hell of a lot better than the sternness had. He just hoped that Nyrae didn't hate him as he felt she did, this mission had weighed heavy on his mind for many decades.. As I slowly licked her clit, I started to finger fuck her. As she felt me licking her swollen clit, her hips began to thrust up against me. I wanted to stay there between Sharon’s legs all day. Her pussy was so sweet and inviting. As I fingered her pussy, her thrusts were in rhythm. I then started again to suck her clit; making her juices flow out.As I licked faster and fingered her harder, her moans became louder and louder. Sharon started to shiver as I took her clit. Her thighs started to. After several minutes of this, she felt her platform being lifted as her prison swayed from side to side. Then she felt herself move as the pole bearers moved off, their prisoner secured for all to see, around the village.Her journey around the village, lewdly displayed in her medieval torture device, for all to see, for three laps before snaking out of the village onto a dirt track. She tried to see her captors and occasionally saw signs of the crowd out of the corner of her eye. She also,. All in super close-up.Then I backed away getting her body as she began to suck up and down, her heavy breasts swaying sexily as she moved. Then she began licking the length up and down, over and over, stopping to suck the head which, when she did that, I would zoom-in to capture in super-sexy close-up. This was one hot video and my star of the show really knew how to suck a guy. And I had it all on video.She had told me that she would try to make me cum by licking my frenum so I could video my.

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