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That’s all there is to tell.NICOLE: We want details, stud! How many? Hairy? Shaved? Fat? Skinny?AMANDA: How much piss did you drink? How many times you pass out? Did anyone take you home with them when the pool closed?JOSH: Well, I went down to the pool Friday night after my last class. I thought I’d just try it for a few hours until the pool closed.NICOLE: And?AMANDA: And???JOSH: A few different girls used me. I recognized one of them from my Chem lab, but I don’t really know her. Never. When I tracked the other numbers, the only thing that didn’t have a dedicated line item was ‘Discretionary Spending.’ I couldn’t see why they had such a large amount transferred to that section. That’s the only section where Mom doesn’t require detailed verification.”“So someone is skimming,” Hailey said with a nod. “I’ll try to discreetly pull the files of anyone who has access to that account. Do you have any stroke with the West Coast banking industry? It would help if I could get a heads up. Though he chortled internally as he watched two sets of nipples rise up under the thin material.He thought that Ann was built to wear this style T-shirt, for she was a genuine 36-D -- and later, after he'd gotten the shirt off -- he noticed that they were a lovely pear shape with reddish nipples and that when held they were heavier than they looked, almost demanding to be sucked and kissed.Of course, the seductive Rosa avoided sitting next to Ann, deliberately selecting a chair that sat low and. Now this was a different picture as she slowly climbed the stairs, her tight jeans clinging to every corner of her sweet arse which she wiggled as she climbed the stairs, I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose as she knew I was behind her or natural, either way it was a glorious sight seeing the gap between her thighs.“I will make some coffee, settle in and come down when you are ready” I said with a smile and left them to it.Debbie was first to come down and we chatted in the kitchen, “Jenny is.

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