The bitch is thinking about issuies btwn egypt...

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"Go ahead, find us something to watch, I was thinking something suspenseful." she called from the kitchen. "Ok." Kevin called back. He flipped thr...ugh the guide channel and found nothing of any interest, definitely nothing suspenseful. He crawled on to his knees, checking the footlocker full of DVDs. "Suspenseful, suspenseful, suspenseful." He said to himself as he thumbed through the movies. He came across an old movie called Crash, with James Spader. He remembered it not only being. It ran him down in his dream, and killed him. Holy fuck, he could still remember the sensation of pain, unimaginable pain, in his bones and muscles as they started to tear to pieces. Saran wrap being pulled apart, resistant and pliable at first, before it started to give way in a bloody mess. He now knew what it felt like to die, in the most horrible way possible. What a lovely memory to have drilled into his mind for the rest of his life.Nasty nightmare? It was unusual for a nightmare. God. But she always thought the idea was repellent.“No. I won’t ever do that.”Just like that, his fingers tighten on her massive tit’s nipples, twisting and squeezing them. The pain was horrible. All the air left her lungs and she felt like she would faint.“I. Said. Suck. My. Cock.”One of his hands mercifully released her nipple to grab her brown hair, forcing her head to his cock.“I won’t ask again.”“I don’t know how.”The earnest meekness in Arya’s voice surprised even her.“You’ll learn how. As my. She started seeing it and on its end, i found that she was not blinking and staring like a zombie at the phone screen. I took the phone from her hands but she was sitting there still like before. I called her and she replied in a monotonous voice “yes”.I asked what you want to do now.She replied “whatever you want me to”I thought that she might be faking it or might remember it afterwards so in order to check it, i said raise your right hand. She did the same. Now i told her that her hand is.

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