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..” finger quotes in the air, “Little Brother.”Haley’s eyebrows went up as the verbal gauntlet was cast. She bristled internally at this chall...nge, but she was actually feeling a combination of resolute determination not to back down, coupled with a sudden sexual excitement! Then, as if they had a mind of their own, her hands undid the knot of the cloth belt for her robe, and she let it fall open, and then let it slip from her shoulders to fall to the floor.Haley stood there as naked as the day. Like body shots." Oh yeah?" I asked."Yeah. He was pouring the tequila down the crack of my ass and drinking it. It was kinda nasty but kind of hot." "Wow. That's a new one." I told you he was obsessed!" She laughed. "Mine were a little more normal. I did them off his chest and abs and.. one.. off his dick. It was like being in High School again." She smiled. "Uh.. you did dick shots a lot in High School?" I asked, partly giving her grief, partly sidetracked with morbid curiosity."No! I just. She felt him sliding inside of her. HE was THICK!!! She felt her pussy stretching to make room for him. "GOD!!! I feel THAT!!!" she exclaimed. "OH MY GOD!!!" She felt herself being stretched. He was, it felt like, even BIGGER than John. He had a firm hold on her ass, and kept on pushing. She felt his stomach touch er butt, and he began to thrust in and out of her. She felt herself contracting in response, and began to sway her ass back and forth. It felt so good. She felt like she was stuffed,. People started leaving at about 7:00 and by 7:30 the stragglers had left. Josh had disappeared when the first guests arrived, but now magically reappeared in time to help us clean up after the party. Gerald ordered pizza, which we ate while drinking a little more and chatting about this and that. Mary and Josh cleaned up the mess and took stuff to the kitchen. While Josh and Mary were in the kitchen I went to Gerald and sat on his lap, facing him, with my knees either side of his thighs. As I.

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