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I mean, look at his mouth, his lips. He was destined to be a cocksucking twink boy. See how he is blushing, it is just a sign that he is loving this than us but need us to force it on him so that in the future no can say he is a fag.” The comment turned me red but I was so helpless to do anything. I was never a fighter, let alone fighting two stronger guys alone. I feared I was submissive but was skeptical about it so far, only to be proven right by this incident. I didn’t say anything nor. The image on the screen had been very graphic and I was quite surprised they were allowed to show such things, that being a woman sucking on a guys cock, letting him cum in her mouth before swallowing it. Snuggled right up along side Mark, somewhat on top of him, I could feel the erection he got from watching.Sliding my hand into his underwear I first offered to jack him off while he watched the TV. He looked unsure but said okay anyway, only if I wanted to. But then when I suggested I'd be. No. Her remains would be there. Not Mamma. Not really. But I still wanted to get her out of there, even if it was just her remains."That sound good, Jake. I don't want to sit around waiting."The park wasn't far, and it wasn't raining, just cloudy. Seward Park is almost an island, and there's a trail all the way around it, down along the lakeshore. So we had good looks at the birds on the water, though there weren't that many. There were the ducks I remembered, which I realized were Mallards.. God knows I knew where to find a star struck computer geek. If it came down to who knew what, where, and when, then I needed my own geek. I wondered how Sylvia would feel about doing the geek, if it came to that. Hell if it came to that, I would screw the geek.I didn't want to put too much on Sylvia all at once, so I just said, "So how do you feel about the cocktail party? Do you want to tag along as my date" I would love to, as long as I don't have to fuck you," she said smiling."Now, I'm.

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